Sales of ‘Yo-Semite’ T-Shirt Skyrocket After Trump Bungles Pronunciation

President Trump and words just don’t mix. The worst part is that he’s so cocky, he can’t admit when he bungles basic English; in fact, he doubles down. Such was the case when he recently signed the Great American Outdoors Act and mispronounced Yosemite (“yo-sem-it-ee”) as “yo semites” while waxing poetic about the scenic park. He flubbed the name not once, but twice.

Other than being good for a laugh, our inarticulate president’s ineptitude actually benefited the National Museum of American Jewish History. How? Well, the museum has been selling a “Yo Semite” T-shirt adorned with two trees since 2011, but after Trump’s snafu, demand skyrocketed.

“Sales of the ‘Yo Semite’ shirt increase anytime Yosemite is in the news, so we knew there would be an influx of orders of some volume and that we had a short window to ride the wave of the news cycle and social media attention,” Emily August, the director of communications and public engagement for the museum, told CNN. “But I’m not sure we could have anticipated something of this scale and pace.”

In less than a week, the sales of the $26 shirt exceed the previous three months of sales combined.

The design, by artist Sarah Lefton, was inspired by her job at a Jewish summer camp near Yosemite National Park. We bet she never imagined the humorous T-shirt would be used to poke fun at the president.

Cover Photo: National Museum of American Jewish History

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