Three-Legged Bear Caught on Camera Stealing Diet Coke From Garage, Can’t Taste the Feeling

Photo: Murguia©photography (Getty Images)

Security cameras are the kind of purchase that you hope you never need. You buy them for security purposes, but you really hope that a day will never come where you have to review the footage of someone attempting to break into your home. Usually, the only actual interesting footage revolves around people falling down on camera or delivery drivers carelessly tossing breakable packages on your doorstep. Every now and then, your security camera catches something so strange and hilarious that you finally understand why you spent so much money to install them.

Because all the weirdest news stories come out of Florida, we’ll head to the Sunshine State for yet another. This one revolves around a security camera, a three-legged bear, Diet Coke. We understand that sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it really happened in Longwood, Florida.

The gist is this: the camera caught a bear that was missing one of its front limbs running into and out of a garage. Apparently, this bear needed a caffeine fix because, while it was in the garage, it grabbed a 2-liter of Diet Coke in its mouth. It happened at 8:30 a.m. so we can all relate to this immediate need for morning caffeine. While we opt for coffee, perhaps this bear has more of a sweet tooth (or fang).

Neighbors say this bear has been wandering around the area for a few days. Also, there was another sighting of a three-legged bear in the area back in 2019. We’ll say the odds are it’s the same bear.

While dissecting all of the strange elements of this story, we have one simple question. How did the bear walk away with the cola without puncturing the bottle? That’s what we call a talented bear.

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