Atchafalaya tour guide poses with a 6-month old baby alligator.

The Mandatory Golden Rules to Living and Thriving in the Great State of Florida

From Disneyworld to the Everglades to all the golf courses in between, Florida is one of a kind. Living in the Sunshine State can be quite an adjustment. Some aspects of life on the peninsula are pretty awesome. It has more golf courses than any other state, though you do have to watch out for the occasional gator. If you hate hills, well, the state is flatter than your middle-school girlfriend. In fact, the state is flattest of them all, so Kansas can go blow a rainbow. There are also loads of fresh fruit year-round, so you can even make a vodka watermelon in December.

On the other hand, life down south of the south can pose challenges too. Lots of places have wild weather, but few are quite as wild as this subtropical paradise. And there are a few creatures big and small that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Sure, the state might be slowly sinking, but nowhere’s perfect. Afterall, swamps can be beautiful too. These golden rules will ensure your life in Florida avoids the sinkholes and the gators.

Cover Photo: Louise Heusinkveld (Getty Images)

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