Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids Release All-Blue Bags of Candy Amidst Demands (And People Say America Is Lazy When It Comes to Voting?)

Some people say Americans are lazy when it comes to voting. That’s clearly not true, though; when motivated, citizens of the United States will gladly cast their votes. How do we know? Because Sour Patch Kids recently asked sweet tooths to weigh in on the best color of the lip-puckering gummies, and fans unanimously came back with the answer “blue.”

Yup, “Just Blue” Sour Patch Kids are coming soon to a store shelf near you by popular demand.

“You voted, we delivered,” the candy brand captioned a photo of the new product on Instagram. “Introducing Just Blue SOUR PATCH KIDS, coming soon!”

The contest was social media savvy, asking Instagram users to drop various emojis on posts featuring the red, orange, yellow, green, and blue treats. We’re kind of surprised blue came out on top, with over 10.7K likes on Instagram. (What’s wrong with you people? Red rules!) Unsurprisingly, it appears yellow came in last place. (The undecided portion of the populace just wants diabetes, thanks.)

If you can’t stand the thought of an entire bag of blue raspberry flavored gummies, pop into the new Sour Patch Kids store in Manhattan, where you can make your own mix and have it shipped directly to your door. Sugar high, here we come!

Cover Photo: Sour Patch Kids

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