Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is The New Breakfast Of Champions

Photo: Westend61 (GettyImages)

Many of us are filled with a sense of nostalgia when we think about the candy we enjoyed during our youth. Images of summer days spent enjoying Fireballs, Laffy Taffy, and Sour Patch Kids (among other iconic candies) immediately come to mind. When we were kids, these different candies seemed like the perfect source of energy and we filled our bellies with way more of these sugar-filled treats than we should have. But, before gorging on candy, our parents made sure we started our day with a well-rounded breakfast. That never included sour/sweet sugary confections. Your kids are a little luckier than you. That’s because one of our favorite nostalgic candies will soon be available in cereal form.

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For months, there was rumbling about Sour Patch Kids Cereal (yes, you read that right). Finally, a few weeks ago, Post made an announcement that the cereal was indeed real. It wasn’t just a Fun Dip-fueled fever dream. Not surprisingly, the cereal will be a mix of sour and sweet. But while the regular Sour Patch Kids are gummies, the cereal will be a puffed cereal similar to classics like Froot Loops and Apple Jacks.

Sadly, you won’t be able to stop into your local bodega or grocery store to grab a box of this unique breakfast treat. You’ll have to buy it at Walmart for around $4 per box beginning the day after Christmas.

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The big question is: what will it taste like? Personally, we can only handle a few gummy Sour Patch Kids at a time without taking a break to cut the flavor with something sweeter. But, will we really want to eat a whole bowl of this strange cereal? The answer is: absolutely.