Hot Strawberry Toaster Pastry with frosting and sprinkles

Woman Sues Kelloggs Pop-Tarts For Not Having Enough Berries, Boy Does She Have a Surprise Ahead

There are certain foods (or shall we say “food products”?) that you just don’t want to know too much about. We’re thinking things like pizza rolls, red hot flamin’ Cheetos, and Sour Patch Kids. Whatever goes into those delicious snacks, it’s probably better we stay ignorant. Because if you start digging too deeply into certain edibles’ ingredients, you’re going to be shocked – and likely disgusted.

So it went with a woman from New York who decided to investigate exactly what goes into strawberry Pop-Tarts. Elizabeth Russett took a deep dive into the fruit filling of Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries. Apparently, those addictive, sticky little rectangles that have powered us through many a morning contain more pears and apples than they do strawberries.

So Russeett decided to sue Kelloggs, the maker Pop-Tarts, for failing to include enough berries to “provide…nutritional benefit and to elicit a strawberry taste,” according to the New York Post. She’s demanding more accurate labeling and damages of more than $5 million.

The real question for us isn’t what’s in those freakishly delicious, Frankenfood excuses for breakfast. The real question is: why would you turn to a frosted dessert-like product called Pop-Tarts for your daily fruit ration or even for a genuine strawberry flavor? There’s obviously nothing natural about toaster pastries…and that’s kind of the whole point. No health nut is unwrapping those tasty sweet planks by the pair, dropping them in the toaster, and burning their mouths in a hurry to gobble them down. They exist for a quick sugar hit, pure and simple.

If anything, Kelloggs should sue Russett for attempting to meet her nutritional needs with their product.

Cover Photo: bhofack2 (Getty Images)



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