Most Unfortunate Grocery Shopper in World Finds Poop Instead Pizza Rolls, Definitely Not on Her List

One Oklahoma grocery shopper had a totally crappy experience when she accidentally put her hand in human excrement while reaching for pizza rolls. Unfortunately, while on her weekly grocery run, Shirley Wright-Johnson perused the freezer section after an anonymous man allegedly pooped inside it.

In a video, Shirley explained the horror of picking out the Pooptinos saying, “I pick up a bag of pizza rolls and there’s literally shit. Human shit. Excuse my language.” Because, of course, Shirley’s language is what’s offensive and not the fact that a local man used a grocery store freezer as a toilet.

She continued by saying, “I grabbed the bag, I felt something smushy on the bag, so I turned it over, and there it was.” Police in Moore, Oklahoma confirmed the bag was covered in human feces. Shirley explained that the man had disguised the surprise he left by covering it with another bag of pizza rolls.

Tragically, Shirley had her two small children with her. Store management allowed her to wash her hands but that didn’t prevent the experience from traumatizing Shirley and her kids.

“I bleached my hand, I disinfected my hand,” she said. “All the way home they still were like, ‘Mom, I can smell it, I can smell it.’ I’m like, ‘I smell it too, baby.’”

The phantom pooper has yet to be caught by police who say they are interested in speaking with him about the incident.

Cover Photo: @Nikola Stojadinovic (Getty Images)



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