Meanwhile on TikTok: Viral Pizza Baguette Is the Perfect Lazy Man’s Meal

Somewhere between the ease of ordering a pizza and the pain in the ass of whipping up a homemade pie from scratch is a new viral TikTok recipe called the pizza baguette.

We have Valentina Mussi (aka @sweetportfolio) to thank for this ooey-gooey, pepperoni-packed, cheesy creation. Her 22-second video showing how to cut, stuff, and bake this Italian delicacy has us drooling buckets – and we aren’t the only ones, as evidenced by the almost 3 million likes the vid currently boasts. Take a look and see why.

@sweetportfolioFull recipe in the comments ##foodtiktok ##bakingszn ##pizza ##foodhacks♬ original sound – Josh Lepulu

“Growing up in an Italian household, my family was always munching on some variation of bread, cheese and cured meats,” Mussi told Today. “As a result, I am always looking to take classic dishes and comfort food to the next level! I had already made a few ‘stuffed breads’ before using round sourdough loaves, so I replicated the same concept but using a baguette.”

To make your own, simply make approximately 15 horizontal slices down the length of a baguette. Spoon a little sauce inside, then stuff slices of pepperoni in. Sprinkle the entire baguette with shredded cheese and a little garlic powder. Bake for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees and viola! You have a delicious, filling, grip-able meal that’s fresher than frozen pizza, cheaper than delivery, and that will transport you into a state of pizza ecstasy. Sure, there’s plenty to share, but we bet you won’t – and we don’t blame you.

Cover Photo: TikTok



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