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Larry David Caught Multiple Times Plugging His Ears in Public Is Totally Speaking Our Language

Larry David is known for being a sourpuss. The grumpy old man who created Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm should just stay home. And yet, he’s been seen in public on multiple occasions kvetching – aloud or via body language – about his displeasure with the human carnival.

The latest display of his unhappiness? At a fashion show, where he was caught on camera plugging his ears. Apparently, the music was too loud?


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Why Larry David would even bother showing up to a catwalk, we don’t know. (Or do we? Scantily clad ladies may be enticement enough for the geezer celeb.)

This wasn’t the first time David was visibly irked by the volume level, either. He was previously seen at a tennis match plugging his ears.


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Instagram commenters showed no mercy for the curmudgeon.

“Next time just leave old fart!” one said.

“Big mood,” said another.

“Must be filming an episode. There is no way LD would voluntarily go to a fashion show,” a third opined.

“I can just hear him saying, “it’s enough, with the clapping, it’s enough,”” someone theorized.

Dude, you’re a multi-millionaire. If you must go out among the hoi polloi, buy yourself some fucking earplugs already.

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