Meanwhile on TikTok: Watch Mariah Carey’s Dagger Eyes After Ryan Reynolds Flubs ‘Fantasy’ Duet

Free Guy might be a movie about a background character who escapes the constructs of his video game world, but ‘Fantasy’ is the song we can never escape. Because it keeps playing over and over inside our heads no matter how many milk crates we fall from.

The hit song from 1995 is Free Guy’s version of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (Titanic, anyone?) and expresses the longing Ryan Reynold’s character has for the gamer who created him. Mariah Carey’s feel-good earworm has clearly had an effect on Reynold’s, who couldn’t help posting a lipsync video of the song to TikTok to let the fuzzies out.

With his freak flag flapping like a thunderclap in the breeze, it was only a matter of time before Carey herself caught wind of it. Being a big fan of Free Guy, she decided to honor Reynold’s with a duet.

Everything was going great until Reynolds went all free guy on her, unleashing his inner diva like Cher on PCP. That’s when Carey unleashed her inner dagger eyes. And boy do they look sharp.

@mariahcarey##duet with @vancityreynolds That wasn’t part of the plan! ##FreeGuy ##Fantasy♬ Fantasy – Mariah Carey

Who do you think sings it better? (Don’t answer that.)

The Canadian comedic stud clearly has a thing for ’90s R&B, with his first-ever TikTok video showing his love for Antelope Valley crooners, All-4-One. (You know you slow-danced to this one when you were 12.)

@vancityreynoldsI swear you will be disappointed by this account.♬ I Swear – All-4-One

While the mismatched divas won’t be taking their show on the road anytime soon, it looks like Free Guy 2 has been given the green light. With a global box office inching toward $200 million after just two weeks, it’s only fair Ryan Reynolds gets another shot at feeling freer… as a guy.

We wonder which one of Carey’s songs Guy is going to fangirl over next. Personally, we hope it’s ‘Always Be My Baby’.

Cover Photo: TikTok (@mariahcarey)

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