New ‘Stranger Things 4’ Sneak Peek Trailer Gives Both Good News and Bad News 

The latest trailer for Strangers Things 4 teases a grandfather clock, Eleven’s past, more bicycle gang shots, and Hopper with a flamethrower. Millie Bobby Brown can also be heard whispering “It’s almost here.” Well, she’s a liar. It’s been over two years since Stranger Things 3 left Hopper’s fate unknown, Hawkins without a powerless Eleven and the Byers family. The good news is that this new teaser gives us a glimpse into season four. The bad news is new episodes won’t stream until sometime in 2022. Check it out below: 

Thanks to previous teasers, we already knew that Hopper was alive and (presumably) a Russian prisoner—all those tears for nothing? Damn you Peter Gabriel and your somber rendition of “Heroes!” David Harbour has said in interviews that his character’s arc this season is comparable to that of Gandalf in The Lord of Rings: The Two Towers. So, it looks like Hopper the Bald is escaping captivity with a little from Rick Dalton’s Flamethrower. We also see Eleven in the custody of what looks to be the Men in Black and some Dungeons and Dragons. The gang is (partially) back together again in a season the Duffer brothers have hyped as the series’ most epic. 

It goes without saying—although we’re going to say it—the fourth entry of Stranger Things faced numerous delays due to the pandemic. Most of the series’ teenage cast have since grown into adulthood and season four is set to feature a time jump to explain Mike’s facial hair. Actually, you may be wondering where Mike was in this latest teaser; well, probably filming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. That said, Steven, Lucas, Max, Dustin, Nancy, and Robin exploring what appears to be an abandoned house, which likely houses the grandfather clock. Clocks have repeatedly been involved in promotional material for Stranger Things 4. Why? Time travel, time loops, time after time, time works differently in the Upside Down. 

In addition to Russia and Hawkins, Indiana, a large portion of the upcoming season looks to follow Eleven and Will to an undisclosed location. Wherever they go, we can’t wait to see them get there. Unfortunately, a release date of “2022” is as vague as Hopper the Full-Head-Of-Hair’s “death” in season three. 

Cover Photo: Netflix