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‘Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Turns 18, Barely Recognizable (Better Get That Season 4 Out Fast, Duffer Bros)

If you’re a Stranger Things fan, chances are one of your favorite characters is Eleven. She’s the Eggo waffle-loving orphan with supernatural powers who gets taken in by law enforcement officer Jim Hopper. She’s smart and sweet and arguably the hero of the show.

But little Eleven isn’t so innocent anymore. Or at least, the actress who plays her isn’t. Her name is Millie Bobby Brown and guess what, fellas? She’s officially legal.

In an Instagram post from her 18th birthday party shared over the weekend, Brown looks all grown up…and barely recognizable. Granted, she’s dressed in a medieval corseted dress and wearing a platinum blonde wig, but her seductive gaze is very much for adults only.

Unfortunately, she’s taken. Her boyfriend is none other than Jake Bongiovi (aka rock icon Jon Bon Jovi’s son) and he’s featured prominently in the main pic.

“Hey Ken!” Brown captioned the series of shots, which were apparently inspired by a Barbie-and-Ken birthday theme.

Brown was only 12 when she first appeared on Stranger Things in 2016. We’re still waiting for the fourth season of the sci-fli Netflix hit, which was delayed by the Covid pandemic. If the Duffer brothers don’t hurry up, however, Eleven is going to be in college by the time we catch up with her…which wouldn’t be the worst thing now, would it? Girls Gone Wild, here she comes?

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