Britney Spears Models New Target Bikinis on Instagram, That’s What We Call a Bullseye

Britney Spears may be struggling under the thumb of a conservatorship that controls much of her life, but the pop star seems free as a bird on Instagram. Her prolific streak of skin-tastic posts continues with a deluge of beach-ready looks that show just how liberated the woman is (from her clothes). Because Britney knows late summer is all about the bikini.

And no trip to Maui is complete without a sweet, sweet hip wiggle in your favorite beach attire, which Bri points out happens to be from Target. And we gotta say, the combination of Spears living her best life on social media while sporting affordable beachwear is actually hitting the bullseye.

See for yourself:


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Understandably, Target caught wind of the post and freaked out, fangirling in a way we didn’t know big box stores could do. But hey, if we ever look that good at 40, we hope someone fangirls over us too. (We’re looking at you, Amazon.)

Now whether or not the economical swimsuit has anything to do with Britney’s conservatorship or not is a mystery. But given the fact that she has a spending allowance of $2,000 a week, it’s not a bad idea for her to ball on a budget (which she clearly knows how to do.)

Though some detractors use her social media sexualization against her to argue she is nothing more than a wily operator, we have to disagree. Despite the neverending (yet welcome) stream of risque photos Spears seems to be favoring as of late, our guess is – based on her playful ways – the former queen of pop really is that innocent.

Cover Photo: Instagram

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