25 Classic ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ GIFs to Celebrate Larry David’s 10th Season

It’s official. Curb Your Enthusiasm has just surpassed Seinfeld in the total number of seasons with a whopping 10. It’s an amazing feat, considering we thought the show was TKO’d after eight (mostly hilarious) seasons. But in 2017, HBO’s resident funnyman got back up and delivered a surprising combination of comeback punches (and punchlines), staggering fans with fresh bouts of laughter.

While Seinfeld was a self-declared show about nothing, Curb is most definitely a show about Larry David. And though one man’s experience may seem limited at first glance, the sheer number of things that fall into David’s purview covers a surprising range of topics. Everything from bathroom etiquette and eating your favorite chicken despite polemic political views to carpool lane life hacks and surviving incest.

The layers upon layers of idle curiosity and the way David catapults his idiosyncratic dilemmas into plights of universal appeal have given the show more mileage than anyone could have guessed. Let’s hope David and company decide to keep the enthusiasm engine running. We’ll be there to tag along on whatever wild ride their latest antics may bring.

Photo: HBO

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