Ranked! The 12 Best Matthew McConaughey Movie Roles (Ahead of Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Gentlemen’)

Matthew McConaughey is one of America’s favorite actors (and gentlemen). Whether his Southern drawl, irresistible charm, or increasingly impressive acting chops, one thing’s for sure: He’s only going to get better with age, much like his Wild Turkey whiskey line. Although his outstanding performances started only somewhat recently with Dallas Buyers Club and HBO’s True Detective, he has an extensive filmography, including some little-known gems and honestly forgettable rom-com roles. But Big Mac has kept his blue eyes on the prize, from the days of Dazed and Confused to his latest release, Guy Ritchie’s crime comedy The Gentlemen, in which he plays Micky Pearson, a marijuana mogul (so not too big of a jump for our main man). Now we’re grabbing the bull by the horns and rounding up then ranking his best work, which obviously ends with every Lincoln car commercial he’s ever done. Sounds like an alright, alright, alright time to us. See if you agree with us below on the best of Matthew McConaughey, then see him in The Gentleman, in theaters Friday, Jan. 24.

Cover Photo: Lionsgate

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