There’s No Need to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ About This Season 10 Preview of Larry David’s TV Show

Last week we got our first full trailer for the upcoming 10th season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. The trailer begins by stating the one thing we’ve all been overtly excited about since the show’s long-awaited return in 2017: Larry David is back and not afraid to tell you about it. That said, do curb your enthusiasm; relishing in anticipation for a show that begs us to dial down our false sense of excitement would be a disservice to David himself. We love David because he’s not afraid to point a finger at the idiosyncrasies or mundanity of everyday life. This is why the fictionalized version of himself depicted in Curb Your Enthusiasm feels so close to home and why we often forget we are watching a television program. Similar to Seinfeld, it’s a show about nothing and everything. In celebration of the former (and what is sure to be a hilarious Jon Hamm cameo) here are some GIFS to quench your thirst for the type of irreverence only Larry David can deliver. Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres Jan. 19, 2020, on HBO.

Cover Photo: Home Box Office (HBO)

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