‘Cheers’ to ‘The Good Place’: The Understated Hilarity of Ted Danson

When Sam Malone turned the lights off and locked up the place where “everybody knows your name,” no one knew what was next for Ted Danson. The actor had spent over a decade portraying Cheers’ dim-witted, lovable, off-the-wall womanizing bartender; he was wacky, subtle and endearing in all the right ways. Above all, he was hilarious; the man moves and acts like an energetic step ladder.

Danson has racked up the primetime award nominations and wins on television. There was Becker, a handful of notable supporting roles, and now Michael on The Good Place.  His newest role as the endlessly entertaining demon on The Good Place only cements him as a legend of comedy. As that show enjoys its final run on the air, let’s take a look at some GIFs of its biggest star. Here are some Danson dandies from two of his most popular roles.

Cover Photo: NBC

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