The Office

20 Perfectly Good Reasons ‘The Office’ Reboot Would Never Work

NBC is so hungry for new revenue streams that they’re launching a brand new streaming service called Peacock. In a scramble for “original” content, rumors have surfaced that a reboot of The Office is on its way as early as 2021. But fans are skeptical. For one thing, the show that launched a thousand John Krasinkis is already a remake of the British show (of Ricky Gervais fame). Secondly, the show lasted nine seasons and helped kickstart a comedy revolution of roving-camera, improv-ensemble, fourth-wall-breaking hit shows like Parks and Rec, Modern Family, and Community. Plus, we can already binge-watch The Office anytime we want, so what’s the point of a reboot? All that aside, here’s the real clincher: Michael Scott won’t be in it. So if you’re ever in doubt about this dubious reboot (or just life in general) go ahead and turn to Mr. Scott and ask: what would the “world’s best boss” do?

Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

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