Dream Job Alert: Get Paid $1K to Binge ‘The Office’ (You Already Do It For Nothing But Pure Joy)

If you’re anything like us, you scroll around on Netflix complaining that you can’t find anything before settling on The Office. Instead of attempting to find a new, interesting, thought-provoking documentary, we’d all rather see what Michael Scott and crew are up to. Whether Jim is attempting to trick Dwight into buying “magic beans” or Creed is trying to figure out what exactly his job is or Kevin is dumping chili all over the office carpet, we’re on board for the 10th viewing of the whole series. We also dream that our obsession with this show could be a job itself. Well, now it actually can be. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of our favorite show about the day to day antics of office dwellers in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USDish.com wants to give one lucky fan $1,000 to watch the show for 15 hours (around 45 episodes).

The company hasn’t revealed who is selecting the episodes. But, if you get to pick, definitely make sure to watch the extremely awkward dinner party episode for the 47th time. On top of being paid to watch the funniest show ever made, the lucky person also receives a bag of office swag that includes a Netflix gift card, a World’s Best Boss mug, Jell-O and a stapler to put into it, and even a Dundie award. Here’s hoping it’s not for bushiest beaver or smelliest bowel movement.

Don’t worry, if you’re chosen, you won’t get tired of the show. That’s because you have nine whole days to complete your 15 hours of “work.” Honestly, we probably already complete this task for free once a week. If you feel like this job is for you, you have until March 16 to apply. Simply explain why you’re the biggest fan of The Office via video or email.

Since we assume you love The Office as much as us, enjoy these Michael Scott GIFs that we scoured the internets to find for your enjoyment.

Photo: NBC

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