office holiday party

10 Things Guaranteed to Go Horribly Wrong at Your Office Holiday Party

The office holiday party is a necessary evil. While the higher-ups genuinely think this will be a time for team bonding, you know better. This festive soiree is just an awkward exercise in socializing with people you wouldn’t even acknowledge in public if you didn’t have to work with them. There will be booze, yes, but that can only end badly. There will be room-temperature finger foods with unidentifiable dips. There will be Secret Santa gifts nobody wants. And there will be any number of mishaps, some more outrageous and dangerous than others. Before you clock out of your day job and check in to the obligatory celebration, make sure you’re prepared by reviewing these 10 things guaranteed to go horribly wrong at your office holiday party. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Cover Photo: Oppenheim Bernhard (Getty Images)

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