10 Things Guaranteed to Go Wrong at Your Zoom Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. That annual binge-fest that we look forward to all year. No gifts required. No awkward religious rituals. Just show up, stuff yourself, and loosen your pants. That’s all that’s required. (OK, and maybe bring a bottle of something to share or help wash the dishes, if you’re a very good boy.)

There’s a dark side to Thanksgiving, though. That epic Thursday holiday has always been a powder keg for families. You never know who is going to say or do what. 2020 has been an unprecedented – and unpredictable – year, and it’s only going to add to the X factor this Thanksgiving. With the CDC cautioning against large gatherings, many families are opting for a Zoom get-together instead. But just because you aren’t in the same room with your (dearly beloved) relatives doesn’t mean things aren’t going to get weird.

That’s why we’re here: to prepare you. Expect the worst, hope for the best. Here are the 10 things guaranteed to go wrong at your Zoom Thanksgiving.

Photo: RgStudio (Getty Images)

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