Woman Leaves WorksGiving to Grab Pack of Dinner Rolls, Never Returns

Of all the holiday trends people come up with, none is sadder than WorksGiving. That’s probably why Karen, Head of HR, held off until festivities were underway to point out that she needed to pick up a pack of dinner rolls to contribute to the hip, new idea of office Thanksgiving. Once she fake-smiled and nodded her way past the pile of plastic containers, which would obviously go in the trash after a year of begging her boss for recycling bins, Karen dipped one finger in the communal gravy boat and grabbed a handful of cold mashed potatoes before quietly slipping out of the office and running a dead sprint to the end of the hall and out the backdoor. Looking back at the office building, silhouettes of coworkers pretending to enjoy their Worksgiving (anything to get out of an hour of soul-sucking monotony), Karen lifted both middle fingers as she walked to her car. Reportedly, Karen doesn’t know where she’ll go next, but odds are that office will not see her again for another 18 years when the people there don’t recognize her yet simultaneously refuse to forgive her for leaving in the first place.

Photo: LeoPatrizi (Getty)

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