Bold Apple Strategy Threatens to Take Away Your Internet If You Don’t Upgrade

We’ve all been there. You’re watching TikTok videos or creating new profiles to spy on your ex when, all of a sudden, your phone alerts you that you need to install the dreaded system update. You click “later,” and you keep clicking “later,” until your phone says, “Fuck you, I’ll do it myself.” And then the process repeats itself every three months. Unfortunately for users of older Apple technology, if they don’t update their phones and iPads by this Sunday, Nov. 3, they will no longer be able to connect to the internet! Apple says this is because of a GPS rollover issue, something that happens once every 19 years when devices with GPS need to reset themselves to provide an accurate measure of time, dates, and location. They’re clearly lying, though, because we didn’t even have iPhones 19 years ago! WTF, Apple? Maybe it’s time we say “later” to them once and for all and go analog. (Yeah, that’s never going to happen.)

Cover Photo: Liam Norris (Getty Images)

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