Influencer Hell: Deleted Instagram Star Future Uncertain, Only Because We Can’t View Anymore

Everyone likes to get views, likes, and comments on their social media posts. But Sally Mustang, an Australian Instagram influencer, takes the platform more seriously than that. She was recently in tears because her account was deleted (read: temporarily suspended) due to a photo deemed “too sexual.” The photo in question isn’t sexual at all, really. It’s a pic of her in the bathtub, showcasing her pregnant belly. Granted, other parts of her body were shown, but they certainly weren’t the focus. Still, Instagram decreed that the photo was too scandalous, so they shut her down. Before searching for a 9-to-5 job, she posted a lengthy message on her husband’s page. “It makes my heart so sore, and I’m really scared,” she wrote. “I’m five months pregnant and my whole livelihood has disappeared. It’s my creative outlet. It’s my memories. My voice, my community, my family, my businesses. It’s all disappeared. And to be five months pregnant and adapting to all the change that’s going on already, it feels so unfair.” Instagram eventually reinstated her account, leaving this woman free to influence people as much as she wants through the miracle of modern technology.

Cover Photo: Global Stock (Getty Images)

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