Mandatory Movies: What To Watch When You Accidentally Get Your Girlfriend Pregnant

Photo: Mixmike (Getty Images)

So. You didn’t use protection. Or you did and it failed. (Keep telling yourself that. Wrap up next time.) Now you’re staring down two ominous lines on your girlfriend’s pee stick that confirm she’s pregnant and you’re going to be a father. Congratulations…? Or is this more of a “Holy crap!” moment? Either way, your life is about to change, big-time. What better way to prepare than binge-watching as many Mandatory Movies on parenthood as you can?

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Don’t worry; these aren’t silly rom-coms or frothy chick flicks. They’re funny and blunt stories about the chaos and joy inherent in bringing a new life into the world. (Because she is going to keep it, right? If not, we have a movie for that, too.) Though you may be venturing into uncharted territory, you’re not the first man to make it through alive. Let these cinematic moms and dads show you the way and forge ahead bravely. You can still have your freak-out later, alone.

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