8 Movies We (Probably) Won’t Judge You For Crying Over

Photo: Leland Bobbe (Getty Images)

The world needs more cowboys. We live in a world of lily-pickers and lollygaggers. These are the people that wear plaid, play guitar, and who are actually “in touch with their emotions.” We know, it’s a disgrace.

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Luckily, the world is taking notice and it’s saying that we need more tough guys, more masculinity, and more testosterone. We need more men, really. We’re talking about the type of man that wakes up with the sun, drinks Coors Light by the case, and who wears their Affliction shirts proudly. “I am man, hear me roar!” we should all be shouting from the rooftops. And then we should high-five each other because that’s what men do!

One thing macho men can’t do, however, is cry. Unless, of course, it’s during these eight movies. Feel free to shed a tear (or soak up a whole box of Kleenex) while watching these flicks. We won’t tell.

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