8 Badass Movie Characters Every Man Wishes He Could Be In Real Life

Photo: Paramount Pictures

People go to the movies for a variety of reasons. Some go to be taken on an adventure. Others go to escape the mundanity of their lives. Teenagers in the ‘50s went to the movies so they could sit in the back row and “neck.”

Regardless of the reasoning, most of us can agree that we have the best time at the movies when they feature characters we can relate to. Whether we see parts of ourselves in the hero, the villain, the cad or the clown, we invest more into a movie when we can picture ourselves as a part of it.

Unfortunately, for most of us guys, our self-image is…overrated, to say the least. We all want to believe that we’re Captain America, but most of us are probably closer to Forrest Gump. Still, we can dream. And then we can go to the movies. Then we can start dressing like Johnny Depp because we swear we look exactly like him and it’s not weird to wear bracelets when you’re 40 because you like expressing yourself through your accessories.

Sorry, where were we? Oh yes! These are the eight movie characters every man wishes he was.

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