These Tinder Profile Upgrades Give Mediocre Men a Fighting Chance At Love (And Getting Laid)

Photo: Grinvalds (Getty Images)

Dating apps. They’re the 21st Century’s answer to finding and falling in love, or lust (if you’re lucky). They’re also a way to find out how grossly unappealing you are to women. However, all that is usually some sort of error on your part. Yes. You heard it here first. Men have no idea what they’re doing and we’re going to put an end to it. If you’re looking to shine on Tinder or any of the other dating apps out there, make sure your profile has maximized your bangability with these profile upgrades.

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Do you have any fail-safe tips for creating an appealing dating profile? Share them and help your loveless (and probably sexless) friends out.

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