Canadian fisherman Kris Krug holds up 2 salmon fish caught fishing in the Pacific Ocean in Canada on the sea. Rod and Reel fishing from a boat.

Big Fish Flaunting Photos Makes Women Assume Something Fishy About Men on Dating Apps, That or Something Much Smellier

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but some of them stink. That’s all we can conclude after noticing a slew of our fellow gents posing with fish on dating apps. Dudes seem to think the only thing separating them from the perfect catch is a pic of a bass (or a marlin or a bluegill). But if you think women are falling for this ridiculous trend hook, line, and sinker, think again. Instead, single ladies see the fish-themed photos as a red flag of toxic masculinity.

And there are stats to back that up. An angling app called Fishbrain recently analyzed 100 Tinder profiles of dudes aged 18 to 25 in Virginia. An astounding 42% included a fish pic on their profiles. Another survey found it was slightly less common for daters in Florida (22%) and New York (8%).

“It has definitely played a part in whether we choose to swipe right,” a dater identified as Camille told The New York Post about the fishy tactic on men’s profiles.

Fishbrain also discovered that around 15% of the 235 Virginia Tech sorority sisters surveyed considered fish-toting men on Tinder as more attractive than their empty-handed counterparts. A different survey conducted by Facebook of 1,000 Florida sorority members found that 46% preferred dudes with a prominent rod. (Ahem.)

As Camille explained it, “It makes men seem more athletic and powerful,” she said. “Maybe it correlates to their ability as a breadwinner, but I think more likely that holding a massive fish has other connotations.”

No shit. We all know the infamous fish selfies are really just predecessors to dick pics, right? And whether we’re talking sunnies or schlongs, it’s all about whose is the biggest.

Cover Photo: Photographer Kris Krüg (Getty Images)



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