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‘Haunting’ Is New Creepy Dating Trend You’re Probably Already Guilty of, Way Worse Than Ghosting

Admit it: half the reason you still have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts is that you like to check in on your exes from time to time. It’s OK; we all do it. But until recently, that obsessive-compulsive urge to click on your former flame’s profile didn’t have a name. Now it does, and it’s the latest creepy dating behavior modern singletons engage in: haunting.

The term, as reported by InStyle magazine, describes the e-stalking so many of us are already guilty of. (Though some take the creep factor up a notch by using fake accounts to do so.) It doesn’t matter if your heart got broken two weeks or two years ago; the curiosity surrounding what your ex is up to is downright irresistible.

The spooky term joins other online dating phenomena, like ghosting (when someone you’re interested in suddenly stops interacting with you) and zombie-ing (when someone you’ve dated disappears, then reappears after an extended absence).

But our other favorite new dating term perfectly describes the non-relationship arrangement many of us find ourselves in: situationship. No explanation necessary – but good luck figuring out how to get out of it.

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