Instagram Adding Memorial Feature So You Can Finally Ghost Your Creepy Ex

Just when you thought you couldn’t shake that creepy ex who stalks your social media, Instagram makes an announcement that will help you escape them forever. It’s a memorialization feature that will alert everyone to your demise by adding a “Remembering” banner under your username. While the social media platform is fast-tracking the RIP nod because of the COVID-19 pandemic (and the 198K people it’s killed worldwide so far), it’s clear that the feature will come in handy for other purposes, like ghosting your ex.

Prior to this, Instagram allowed only family members to memorialize accounts through a form on its site. The action locks down the account so it can’t be altered, deleted, or accessed (even with a password). Strange but true: a memorialized account can still receive DMs from followers, but no one can read them, so if your ex starts pouring their heart out upon digital news of your death, their words will remain eternally unseen. Good luck losing them on Facebook (which has stricter standards for memorializing accounts) or Twitter (which currently has no such feature). Oh, well. When it comes to creepy exes, we’ll take what we can get.

Cover Photo: Scott Stulberg (Getty Images)

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