Deep Dive: Can I Use Coronavirus as an Excuse to Check in on My Ex?

It’s late at night. You’re all alone. You’ve been alone all day. The coronavirus quarantine is starting to get to you. You can’t watch any more bad news or you’re going to have nightmares. You’ve streamed everything else you could tolerate on Netflix and you don’t know what to do with yourself. You feel antsy and unmoored. You want to reach out and, well, touch someone, but not just anyone. You want your ex. And all it would take to lure her back in is one text. The pandemic provides the perfect opening, right? You’re just “checking in.” But is that good for you — or for her? In this deep dive, we’re examining the question: Can I use coronavirus as an excuse to check in on my ex?

Cover Photo: filadendron (Getty Images)

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