Minnie Mouse Lands First Punch in Vegas Disney Brawl, Bet You Didn’t See Her Comin’

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or so the story goes. But don’t tell that to Minnie Mouse or she’s likely to knock you out. Minnie is a fighter and she’s not afraid to take the bows out of her hair to throw down.

Such was the case on the Vegas strip recently. A video shows a confrontation between a security guard and Ms. Mouse, with Minnie getting the better of the exchange. It’s unclear what caused the dispute, but Minnie was quick to throw her giant white gloves off and started attacking faster than an overzealous hockey mascot. It wouldn’t be long before the fight was broken up by, naturally, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Because Vegas. The fight didn’t last long, but onlookers swore they overheard Minnie screaming just one thing: “Cut me, Mick! Cut me!”

Cover Photo: Matthew Sperzel / Contributor

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