Instagram Model Raises $1M In Nudes For Australian Wildfire Relief (What Are You Willing to Do?)

In news that proves horny guys can actually be a force for good, a model has begun sending nudes to her thousands of followers — all in the name of charity. Influencer Kaylen Ward has been firing out naked selfies to her internet faithful since last week, asking for only one thing to seal the deal: any requester must donate at least $10 to one of a list of foundations that are working to combat the Australian bush wildfires.

The result of this offer, predictably, resulted in a massive donation rush. With over 20,000 Instagram users contributing to the cause (as well as their own arousal), Ward has already raised over $1 million Australian dollars to help the organizations in need. Who’d have known that thirsty perverts were the heroes we needed all along?

Sadly, Instagram has deactivated “The Naked Philanthropist’s” account, so she set up a Go Fund Me page for donations instead. While we applaud Ward’s eye for a great charity campaign, there are plenty of other ways you can help our Australian cousins without getting your kit off — and we have a few listed right here.

Photo: South Sky Photography, Elizabeth Barnes (Getty Images)

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