Meanwhile in Florida: Woman ‘Accidentally’ Gifts Semi-Automatic Rifle at Baby Shower, Completely Blows Away Karen’s Baby Yoga Mat

When it comes to baby showers, there is very little one can do to break up the status quo. You show up, eat some cupcakes, pretend you care what the baby is going to be named, drink copious amounts of Champagne (because how else do they expect you to get through one of these things?), and offer gifts that you can’t really afford to somebody you don’t even like. It makes for a rather uneventful afternoon — unless you happened to be at the same baby shower in Crestview, Florida, that Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez attended.

According to reports, the Florida woman purchased a Baby Einstein bouncer from her local Goodwill because she was shocked at how affordable the $9.99 gift was. That would not be the end of her shock, however, as when the gift was opened by the father-to-be, he found a loaded semi-automatic rifle. Talk about bargains! Party-goers were blown away by the gift and Alvarez-Rodriguez was understandably mortified. She and her husband immediately called the police to report the gun, and officers came to the party but not in, like, a fun stripper kind of way. Unsubstantiated reports claim one of them may have taken the last cupcake.

Police checked IDs to make sure the couple were not convicted felons (boy, would that have been a fun twist in this story) and eventually took the gun with them for evidence, much to the disappointment of the dad-to-be. But, disappointment is simply a part of parenthood and he should get used to it, especially if his son or daughter foregoes medical school to become a writer.

Cover Photo: CREATISTA (Getty Images)

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