Taxi in the Rain in City

Florida Man Sent Back To Jail After Failing To Pay For Taxi Ride Home

Taxi in the Rain in City. Photo: thesabrina (Getty)

You read that headline correct.

Charles Folk is either the worst con artist in the state of Florida, or a freeloader with the terrible.

According to Florida Today, the 40-year-old returned to jail almost immediately following his release this week after failing to pay his taxi driver for his ride home from jail.

That’s pretty bad, Florida, but this is still worse: Florida Man Arrested After Asking Police To Test His ‘Bad Meth’

It was a 30-mile trip home. Folk promised to pay via credit card upon arrival. But when it was time to fork over the dough, things went awry:

Upon arrival, the 40-year-old Melbourne man told the cab driver neither his sister nor his roommate could help him pay the $70 fare. The cab driver would not accept a payment over the phone from Folk’s sister, who was out of town at the time, according to Melbourne police reports.

The taxi driver called police. Folk was arrested — again — and charged with petty theft.

Here is Mr. Folk below, courtesy of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department.

Photo: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

Folk was in jail previously for criminal mischief after allegedly damaging his roommate’s belongings. He’s now back in jail on $2,000 bond.

Josh’s Take

Mr. Folk, get new friends. If you ask “how?” stop being an a-hole. That’s a start. As for leaving jail next time, either hitchhike or find a nearby church. Someone should be willing to give you a ride free of charge as long as you repent.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.