Meanwhile in New Jersey: Dreamy Burglar Couple Eats, Drinks, Screws and Showers During Their Break-In

Talk about making yourself at home! A bold burglar couple got very intimate with a home they broke into in New Jersey recently, doing everything you’d do with your sweetheart if you had rented a swanky Airbnb for an anniversary.

Alex Ray Yeakley and Amanda Lentz, a couple from Pennsylvania, gained access to a tony house in the Englewood neighborhood on a recent Friday night. But instead of emptying the abode of its jewels and electronics, they decided to partake in a hedonistic night together. They raided the fridge, had sex, took a hot shower, and one of them lounged in the homeowner’s bathrobe. (Not necessarily in that order.)

“It is believed that the pair had been inside the home for a period of time before they were discovered,” Englewood Police Chief Lawrence Suffern said in a press release. He also acknowledged that the devilish duo “may have utilized the shower and [sic] well as taken other liberties” during their time there.

While it sounds like there were in residence for a while, they were completely oblivious to the fact that a babysitter and a young child were also home at the time. The nanny heard Lentz on the baby monitor and mistakenly thought the homeowner had returned, but discovered the thieves around 10:30 p.m. The criminal couple grabbed some jewelry, a wallet, and an iPhone, then hopped in the homeowner’s Lincoln Navigator (leaving their own 2003 Toyota Corolla at the scene – rookie mistake).

Cops tracked the burglars down thanks to the aforementioned iPhone they stole. A car chase ensued, followed by a chase-down on foot, but the bad guys were eventually apprehended 50 miles north of the crime scene.

Next time, dummies, just save up your money and get a room.

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