TikTok Deepfake Tom Cruise Goes Viral (Probably Because the Fake Is Less Annoying)

Move over, Tom Cruise. There’s a better version of you out there, and his name is @deeptomcruise. Actually, that’s his TikTok handle. The imposter’s real name is Chris Ume, and he’s a visual effects specialist from Belgium who recently went viral for his deepfake videos imitating the Mission Impossible actor.

The fake Tom Cruise does some really cool things, like magic tricks.

@deeptomcruiseI love magic!♬ original sound – Tom

He also plays golf.

@deeptomcruiseSports!♬ original sound – Tom

He enjoys lollipops.

@deeptomcruiseAnd bubblegum?!♬ original sound – Tom

And he’s also a little clumsy sometimes.

@deeptomcruise♬ original sound – Tom

But the internet can’t get enough of him. As of this writing, he has over 491K followers, amassed in only a couple of weeks.

Why would we rather watch someone pretend to be Tom Cruise than Tom Cruise himself? Probably because the real actor is kind of annoying. We’ve had enough of his couch-jumping antics for one lifetime, thankyouverymuch. It’s a lot more fun watching how easily technology can replicate a celebrity’s mannerisms, facial expressions, and charm while sparing us the ego and maniacal energy of the bona fide man.

Here’s to more deepfake Tom Cruise – and a little less of the authentic one.

Cover Photo: TikTok

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