Chrissy Teigen Throws Hooters-Themed Party, Now We Know For Sure Dreams Do Come True

Some celebrities garner attention no matter what they do. And others simply do attention-getting things all the time. Chrissy Teigen is among the latter, and if we weren’t head over heels in lust with her before, we definitely are now. That’s because the wife of John Legend recently shared some very scrumptious images from a Hooters-themed party.

Teigen threw the party to celebrate the birthday of her stylist, Alana Van Deraa. The former model and Hooters server dressed for the occasion in a white Hooters tank, orange shorts, and an itty-bitty black apron. To say that she looked hotter than spicy wing sauce would be an understatement.

The party-planner went all out with the Hooters theme, providing not only T-shirts and trucker hats featuring the brand’s logo but also decorating with orange and white balloons, chicken wing confetti, and miniature champagne bottles filled with M&Ms in Hooters’ signature hues.

Guests nibbled on three wing styles and flavors – Original-Style with garlic habanero ranch, Naked with medium sauce, and Boneless with a chipotle honey sauce. Garden salad, celery, and curly fries were served on the side.

And we haven’t even mentioned the birthday cake yet! It was created by the notorious Carlo’s Bakery (home of the Cake Boss) and was designed in keeping with the Hooters theme. The two-tiered pastry was topped with a cookie of a Hooters waitress and was adorned at its base with gooey, drippy wings. “Hooters Alana Turns Twenty Ate” read the inscription.

This party incorporated all our fantasies – female, edible, and otherwise. As indicated in an image marked “Aftermath,” there also appears to have been plenty of leftovers.

Which begs the question: where was our invite, Chrissy?

Photos: Instagram

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