Models Set Instagram Ablaze With New York Firehouse Bikini Pics

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…though this isn’t the kind you’d ever want to contain, control, or put out. That’s because it’s the kind of fire that spreads wildly across the internet when models strip down in a firehouse.

Let’s back up to where the blaze began. A pair of models recently dropped in to the Engine 8/Ladder 2 stationhouse on 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan to get up close and personal with New York City’s bravest. (Make sure you click all the way through this cheeky photo session.)


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The firefighters were more than happy to pose with Vera Smirnova and Anastasia Fields (the infamous NY butt-flashing model-influencer) in the firehouse. Seeing as these lovely ladies were barely clothed, the gentlemen lent them some of their gear – and assisted them in getting into some very sexy poses.

While Instagram was all over these smokin’ pics, city fire officials were less enthusiastic. The images violated the firefighters’ social-media policy, which states that “members of the department are prohibited from taking photographs, videotaping or recording audio while working unless authorized.” (Whoops.)

While you’d think the men at the top would understand how hard it’d be to tell these gorgeous girls, “No pictures, please,” they had zero mercy. FDNY officials told the New York Post that the “department is aware of the photos and is investigating.” They added: “Members involved will be suspended.”

Aw, come on, guys. It was all in good fun. There’s no need to burn anyone’s career to the ground over some red-hot photos. We think they’re just jealous they weren’t around to lend a hand (or a pair of shoulders) when the models stopped by.

Cover Photo: Instagram

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