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Man Covered in Hand Sanitizer Sets Himself on Fire, Don’t Bathe in It Bro

We are all for hand sanitizer. Along with face masks, it’s one of the best ways to keep coronavirus at bay (when you can’t wash your hands with soap and water, that is). But as someone wise once said: everything in moderation.

A British man named Brian Hutchinson recently learned this lesson after setting his head on fire, all thanks to hand sanitizer. Here’s how it happened: the 42-year-old taxi driver noticed that a passenger had left a lighter behind in his cab. He reached down with his recently-sanitized hands, accidentally flicked the lighter – and was consumed by a fireball that spread from his mitts to his mug as well as his arms and legs.

“I noticed there was a dropped lighter in the back seat off my car, I had just sanitized my hands, so I rubbed the palm on my leg to dry them, but the tops of my hands were still wet,” he explained. “The back of my hand then caught a light, then as I went to open the door to throw the lighter, my other hand caught a light, then there was like a fire ball inside the car that hit my face and went over my head,”

The alcohol content of hand sanitizer makes it extremely flammable, hence the fireball. The whole incident only lasted a few seconds, but Hutchinson went into shock before paramedics arrived and administered morphine. “The pain was horrendous,” he said.

While he survived “going to hell and back,” he needed numerous operations and skin grafts to repair the damage as well as seven weeks in the hospital to recover.

This isn’t the first time hand sanitizer has been responsible for life-threatening burns. Let this be a lesson, kids: go easy on the Purell. When you have the option of washing your hands instead, do so. Fire could kill you faster than coronavirus can.

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