Meanwhile in Hand Sanitizer: Drunk Man Catches Fire After Getting Tased By Cops, Which Is Worse We Will Find Out Soon

Hand sanitizer has been causing some serious problems lately. And we’re not talking about the sanitizer superbug a few overcaffeinated scientists believe will devour all life on planet earth. We’re talking about the people who’ve been catching fire after loading up on the germ-killing goo. (As if we needed another thing to be terrified of.)

First, a woman in Texas became a human candle after lighting a fragrant one. Then a Maryland man went up in smoke while having a ciggy in his car. But the real nightmare scenario is the tale of one drunk man who burst into flames after slathering his body in hand sanitizer and picking a fight inside a police station.

After entering his local Catskills precinct to start a verbal altercation with officers, Jason Jones (not that one) removed his shirt and shoes and covered himself in the hand sanitizer placed by the front door for visitors. With cops worried that the larger, now greased-up Jones would be impossible to wrangle, one of them attempted to deescalate the situation by firing his taser. What happened next caught everyone by surprise.

The spark from the taser ignited the ethanol alcohol in the sanitizer and lit Jones up like a firecracker. With his head and torso flaming, officers decided he was too hot to handle and ran, hiding inside a locked room until the flames dissipated. Somehow, no one thought to tackle the burning guy and pat out his head fire. (If only Jones had picked a fight inside a fire station.)

The insane incident is now under investigation with the recently release footage igniting debate. Weigh in on the controversy below, but be warned, the footage is hard to watch.

With an unrelenting pandemic turning everyone into germaphobes, it’s important not to mix freshly sanitized hands with fire. And if you happen to find yourself lit up like a marshmallow at sleepaway camp, whatever you do, don’t go to the Catskills police station for help.

Cover Photo: Catskills Police Department


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