Woman Hospitalized For Having Never-Ending Orgasm, Can’t Say the Doctor Is the First Place We Would Go

Photo: TLC

Even though our lives are filled with anxiety, stress, and the dreary drudgery of adult life, there are enough perfect moments of pure joy to make it all worthwhile. But that’s why life is great, right? The negative aspects are rounded out by the good. Yin and Yang. The moments of pure bliss wouldn’t be quite as great if that’s the only feeling we ever had. But, this is exactly what happened to an American woman named Liz.

Liz and her husband Eric appeared on an episode of TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER and revealed something baffling. Based on the title of the show, you might assume that a sexual mishap sent her to the emergency room. But you’d be wrong.

It all started when the couple decided to get intimate. When it was all said and done, for some reason, Liz couldn’t stop orgasming. It was probably alright at first, but after four hours the couple began to get concerned. While many men have trouble finding the “on” switch, Eric didn’t know where to find the “off” button.

She tried many things in an effort to stop her body from convulsing in sexual joy. She drank wine, took antihistamines. She even called in sick. We can only assume that was a very awkward conversation.

Finally, she went to the hospital and while she was waiting to get some Valium, the sensation suddenly stopped. This whole event has taken its toll on the couple. Liz was exhausted after her morning of orgasming.

It begs the question: will they ever have sex again? It’s like playing hot potato with sexual dynamite. Who knows when it will go off again and for how long?

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