Naked Woman Pulled From Sewer After Being Trapped 3 Weeks, Some People Will Do Anything For a Vacation These Days


Imagine this scenario: you’re walking down the street and you hear someone calling for help from a nearby sewer grate. When you walk over, you realize it’s a nude woman. If you’ve ever seen the opening scene in the clown-centric movie It (or read the book by Stephen King), you know not to peer down into the sewer if someone is calling to you. If you do, a horrific clown might grab your arm and tear it clean off of your body. But, while we have a healthy fear of supernatural sewer-dwelling beings, not everyone stuck in the sewer is a killer clown.

Luckily, someone in Florida doesn’t have the same fear of sewer dwellers as we do. That’s because a person walking down a street in Delray Beach, Florida, heard someone calling for help in a storm drain. They walked over and found a naked woman. Emergency services were called and they pried the drain open and removed her from the sewer.

You might be wondering how exactly a naked woman ends up in the sewer. Apparently, the woman named Lyndsey Kennedy was swimming (presumably nude) in a canal near her boyfriend’s house. While swimming, she found a random door that led to a tunnel and for some completely unknown reason, she decided to enter the tunnel.

You might assume this all happened over a few hours, right? That would be quite an ordeal. In fact, when Kennedy was pulled from the sewer, she has been reported missing three weeks ago. That’s right, she wondered around the sewers like a nude Ninja Turtle for almost a month before finally seeing lights and climbing into a storm drain.

This whole ordeal leaves us with a few questions: why was she naked? Why did she wander around for three weeks? Why didn’t she go back out the door? But we do know the answer to one question. If you’re swimming in a canal and you find a random door, definitely don’t open it and go inside. You might get trapped in the dirty, smelly sewer for three weeks.

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