Awesome Mom Uses Deepfake Nudes to Frame Daughter’s Cheerleading Rivals, That’s the Spirit

The lengths some parents will go to protect their children are mind-blowingly heroic. Like using deepfake technology to frame your daughter’s cheerleading rivals into getting suspended from competition. Awww. Can you feel the love?

This is exactly how far one Pennsylvania mom was willing to go to protect her baby cub from the threat of not making her high school cheer squad, the Victory Vipers. But mama bear Raffaela Spone’s love didn’t end with just sending fake nude photos and videos of her daughter’s rivals engaging in adult behavior to the team coaches. Her unconditional love also led her to anonymously text the victims a message encouraging them to kill themselves over the alleged scandal.

The bullied girls ended up going to the police, who after a thorough examination, determined the images were Deepfakes created using the girl’s social media photos and mapping them onto profane images. Police were then able to ping back to the IP address where the images were originally sent, which pointed directly to Spone’s home address.

Spone is now facing three counts of cyber harassment of a child and three counts of good old-fashioned harassment. But let’s take a moment to acknowledge how much work went into this act of devotion. Most 50-year-olds barely even know how to send a GIF let alone map a series of Deepfaked images sent from a burner phone. But clearly, the woman forgot to hide her IP address through a virtual private network or a tangled web of international proxy addresses redirected ad infinitum. Oh, old people.

There’s no evidence Spone’s daughter had any knowledge of what her loving mother was up to, meaning the whole side project was done as a surprise gift. We wish our moms would have done something like that for our 16th birthday. Like, don’t you even care about us anymore, mom?

Cover Photo: Britt Erlanson (Getty Images)

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