Meanwhile in San Francisco: Woman Who Coughs on Uber Driver Earns Jerk of the Year Award, Turns Herself In To Receive It (Video)

We hate to say it, but something about the pandemic has really brought out the worst in (some) people. From cutting folks in line at the vaccine center to running them over with your car, the super dark times of the past year have led to super dark behavior. Yet aside from the mythical storming of the Capitol way back in week one of this year, 2021 has been relatively quiet in the gratuitous asshole category. That is until a San Francisco woman and her friends assaulted an Uber driver with their toxic personalities after he asked them to wear a mask in his car.

The blood-boiling incident began when 32-year-old driver Subhakar Khadka asked his three female passengers to put their masks back on. The request was not just a plea for his personal safety, it was in compliance with state and local public health orders for COVID-19. Unfortunately, the request did not go over well with the ladies in the back.

Two of them began yelling racial slurs at Khadka before ripping off his mask and coughing in his face.  The woman sitting right-nut (later identified as Malaysia King) then said, “And I’ve got corona too,” while the other offender reached over Khadka’s shoulder and attempted to steal his cell phone, which he had to wrestle back from her manicured clutches.

After Khadka had endured enough abuse, the women finally exited the vehicle but not before deciding on one final act of petulance. King turned to unleash a burst of pepper spray into Khadka’s open window. The women are now facing serious criminal charges, including assault and battery, conspiracy, and violation of a health and safety code. Though we think the girl in the middle seat should get off a little easier (after she finds some new friends).

As for the ride-hailing app, Uber offered to pay Khadka $120 to help clean his car. A GoFundMe account was later started by early Uber investor Cyan Banister which quickly raised over $40,000 (because obviously, the public should pay for a billion-dollar corporation’s workers).

If you still had faith in humanity when you woke up this morning, don’t watch the dashcam recording of the incident below:

Arna Kimiai, the main aggressor and de facto cretin, later showed remorse on social media:

Wait, did we say remorse? We meant the sauced-up true colors of a person who no doubt deserves Mandatory’s Jerk of the Year award (sorry, Ted Cruz). Well earned, Kimiai. We sort of wish we were as good at anything as you are at being a total asshole – like, genius-level douchebaggery from start to finish young lady. Good luck with your lawsuit!

Cover Photo: Subhakar Khadka (Dashcam Footage)

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