Uber Driver Takes Dump in Passenger’s House, Gives Zero Stars For Lack of Hard Candies and Body Spray

For Uber drivers who are constantly on the go, the best place to desperately unload a day’s worth of Funions and Big Gulps is inside the house of one of their passengers. And while this may seem like an incredibly convenient perk of the job, entering the home of a complete stranger is not always a walk in the park. Take the example of actress and bathroom owner Gabrielle Union. After a recent night of celebrating with friends, Union took an Uber home only to discover that she would be hosting what is known in the industry as an “Uber dump.”

Had she been prepared ahead of time, Union could have successfully accommodated her driver’s needs. But blindsided as she was, her bathroom was neither stocked with hard candies nor contemporary reading material. As a result, she received a zero-star rating–a designation letting other drivers know that Union’s house (which she shares with NBA star Dwayne Wade), is not a good place for an Uber dump. Don’t be like Gabrielle Union. Ensure that next time you Uber home after a hard night of drinking, your commode is prepared for any unexpected guest of honor with these five-star tips.

Photo: Eva-Katalin (Getty Images)

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