Uber Driver Caught Jerking (Off Behind) the Wheel, Predictably Pulls Sex Toy On Cops

Some Uber drivers are weird. Either they’re really talkative and open up their life stories or they’re creepily quiet and you fear they might be serial killers. Or they’re weirdos who masturbate with sex toys in their car between rides.

An Uber driver from Connecticut was caught jerking off in his car when he was approached by police. They then tackled him to the ground when they feared he was pulling a gun. What he was really doing is pulling a sex toy out of his underwear.

Police approached Eliot Buenano-Andrade’s vehicle because it had some foggy windows and was likely rocking back and forth. What they discovered was this guy had his hands full of himself and an open container of beer in his passenger seat. They determined he was having a good ol’ time of self-satisfaction.

Once he was pulled from the car, the guy reached into his pants to pull something out. Officers responded by tackling him to the ground in the case he was pulling a gun. Fortunately for them, the man had no firearm. What he was pulling out was a sex toy he had stuffed into his pants, which we’re sure came in handy.

We doubt Buenano-Andrade will never drive for Uber again. Something tells us he’s got other things he has to handle.

Photo: RapidEye (Getty Images)

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