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Instagram to Hide the Likes Count: Here’s How Your Life Will Look After

Photo: Spiderplay (Getty Images)

What would the world be like without Instagram “likes?” How would we rank trending posts or measure the influence of influencers? Would the world slip into chaos or quietly move on without so much as a hiccup? We may be finding out sooner than we thought, as Instagram begins beta-testing a version of its platform without the “likes” feature.

The social media icon is testing a small group in Canada to see how removing the use of “likes” will affect interactions on Instagram. If the company deems the change beneficial, they may roll out the update globally, leaving millions of users without a convenient means of self-validation. In preparation for such a catastrophe, Mandatory is testing nine alternate sources of validation to help us through what some are calling “the sum of all fears.” Find your fallout plan below.

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