12 Ways to Improve Your Uber Score (Before They Kick Your Butt Off)

One thing is certain: if you’ve ever taken an Uber, you’ve probably had a bad experience. Whether it was the smelly car, the reckless driver, an over-sharer, or a no-show, the fun never stops. But for some reason (obviously the convenience and price), we always come back for more, falling into the habit of repaying lousy rides with the occasional bad behavior of our own.

But now Uber is turning the tables on riders by launching a new scoring system that will kick users off if they don’t maintain a decent score. Adjusting to a world where we’re suddenly accountable for our own behavior won’t be easy, so we’ve come up with a cheat-sheet to get us through the first wave of the Uber purge. But don’t go sprinting toward that five-star rating. This, friends, will be a marathon.

Photo: MECKY (Getty Images)

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